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Grill Chicken

17 February, 2014 (10:12) | General | By:

Grill – it's quick and easy cooking techniques. Cooking on the grill – is a gentle treatment frying poultry, fish and vegetables. This is because the fat while cooking on the grill or not applying, and if they are used, then very little. Y these dishes formed a crust, hindering the juice in the inner layers of the piece, but their flavor with nothing to compare or confuse. Why is this happening? Because the products are sending a powerful charge of heat, the pores on the surface Product clogged, and therefore there is no leakage of juice.

The result is a most delicious dish of grilled. All hazardous substances that are produced, such as frying, are absent here. Grilled dishes are prepared with respect to quickly. Variety of dishes that can be prepared on the grill, is enormous. Grilled meat can be cooked any: beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck. Very tasty obtained sausages, sausages, burgers, entrecotes. No less tasty fish, but it should not be too fat varieties.

But the people, though, is particularly popular grilled chicken, you can marinate a variety of ways and make it what you like. Readiness of meat is determined by piercing with a fork and pressure: if this will flow red (blood) juice, the meat is not ready yet, but if the light – is ready. Prepare grill is better, before you submit them to the table, then they taste better. Vegetables, meat, fish, Grilled juicy, and always welcome. Vegetables, grilled and tasty and healthy. And, of course, grilled meat, poultry, fish and vegetables – this is the best food for the whole family for all seasons. The food You can cook in the kitchen and outdoors, is at home and outdoors. Dishes, grilled, served on a festive table every day. They deliver a lot of fun anytime, anywhere to all those who trapeznichat