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6 August, 2016 (10:12) | General | By:

Glasses of white wine are similar in shape to the glasses for red, but much smaller. White wine temperature is very important, so the glass is less than the volume, so that wine did not have time to heat up. A glass of whiskey: a classical form of the "Old fashion" has been seen as resourceful bartenders from the wild west. Drunken cowboys undertaken more shooting at the bar. A broken bottle top after the treatment was transformed into a different glass.

At a time when many manufacturers are trying new forms, there are more suitable for glasses of whiskey. This round glasses, that perfectly fit the hand and concentrated aroma of whiskey. Brandy glass we all know tulip shape is well suited only to very old, aged skates. A young cognac is better to drink small glasses of tulip shape with an extension on top. This glass will save you from the sharp smell of alcohol content, and to reveal the aromatic range of young brandies.

Also, there are many different glasses for sherry various ports and digestives. They form a historical accident, or due to the taste of the drink. As an example, grappa. Historical form of stylized glass alembic, and the drink still tastes of elongated cup. And can you imagine a glass of beer: gold with heady fragrance, the foam "whiskers" … agree that lock it in the splendor of a narrow glass is meaningless. And finally, the vodka! Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages are trying to as to emphasize the individuality of taste and flavor of their drinks. Only vodka producers are trying to clean up your drink, making it "tasteless, colorless and odorless." Glasses with vodka and made straight this size, so you can drink in one gulp, avoiding contact with the sensitive part of the language. For generations of glass as a master form to study the influence of the drink and every year offers all better solutions. More accurately tailored shape. But this does not mean that you have to buy the whole range of dishes. Think about the beverages you drink frequently, and which do not drink at all. If you do not know where to start Start with a glass of claret, he is considered the most versatile. Try not to save money on glasses, because it is not just an object – this is how you feel.