Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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General Hospitals

10 December, 2018 (06:33) | General | By:

The church remodels its institutions hospital and starts to use them with the same purpose of the General Hospitals. Other institutions are created and are reopened the leprosrios, not with the medical direction that had old, but with the intention of if becoming boarding schools. Later they had been created workhouses managed for the judge of peace of each jurisdiction, its success if gave in the direction of that they were not hospitals and then the contagious sick people had been expulsos who if found interned. These boarding schools sheltered the convict, young that disturbed its familiar ones, vagabond and insanes, this made with that the direction of the boarding schools was lost. Many years later appear the hospices, place where the villains can be collected and to come back to have sensible its lives.

They are needy not alone in the direction of poverty without money, but those that do not have more condition to work, problems of psychic health or. From then on madness is divided in good or badly, according to submission or not of the poverty. Then, the satisfied, submissos poor persons with what she is offered to them are thankful and the ones that if complain the not submissos ones are classified as the poor persons of the demon. The internment passes to be justified as one I benefit or to in agreement punishment the type of poor person uses who it. This division also is used in madness. In elapsing of history is forbidden that beggars circulate for the streets, is escorraados of the city. They start to take care of them in the General hospitals giving feeding, but they must accept the physical and moral coercion of the internment. Later they pass if to worry about the unemployment, then at times of high, they give job with hand of cheap workmanship and at time of unemployment they reabsorvem them.