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For Hegel

27 May, 2014 (13:56) | General | By:

That why the spirit really if strengthens is the accomplishment of its ideal being, but when making it, it hides this objective of its proper vision, and is proud and satisfied in this to become insane of it. The more the individual if develops, more is an action of firm resistance against proper itself in the search of to get, through the freedom, meaning and importance. Hegel in its workmanship ' ' Introduction to the Philosophy of the Histria' ' , it compares substance and Spirit to stand out the meaning of the freedom in the last one. It writes the philosopher: ' ' As the substance of the substance is the weight, thus we must say that the substance, the essence of the spirit, is the freedom. We conceive the substance as heavy, since that tent for a central point: it is essentially composed, exists of particular form, looks its unit and, therefore, it looks for to surpass itself exactly itself also searching its opposite.

The spirit, differently, is what it contains the central point, does not possess the unit is of itself, it found therefore it. It is in same itself and by itself. ' ' For the construction of the freedom, the development implies a graduation dialectic of the idea, that coats in successive forms that successively it exceeds. Each step of this process, differing from any another one, has its definitive and proper principle. It is inside of the limitations of each step of the process that the spirit of the nation, concretely revealed states all the aspects of its conscience and will. The History of the art, religion and of the right offers elements to understand the period of training of development of a people. For Hegel, the spirit concrete of a people, only can be understood spiritual, through the thought. Hegel is an idealist.