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First Grinding

3 February, 2014 (08:33) | General | By:

I would like to draw attention to this method as grinding, we note that in our days practicing the following kinds of it: 1.Shlifovanie flat disk. With such a linear velocity of grinding abrasive areas on the outer side of the saddle than on the inside. Therefore, saddle gets a slightly convex shape. In the application of abrasive paste it seamlessly moves from the center and quickly appears from the outside seat, and the rate of grinding slowly. 2.Shlifovanie with using a flat disc with a flat-tow parallel fluctuations. Makes it possible to eliminate shortcomings of the first kind of grinding, but there are some peculiarities.

Because of the geometric characteristics of valve movement quantity up and down more than from side to side on the sides of the saddle corresponding to 3 and 9 o'clock. This causes the existence of bumps on places corresponding to 6 and 12 o'clock. Grinding speed is also low. 3.Primenenie grinding heads with friction transmission. If you are interested in this design, it should be noted that for the rotation of grinding heads, their focus should be shifted inwards compared to the middle ring saddle.

It is the fact that the linear velocity of the grinding area inside the saddle more than on the outside, but it creates a slight concavity of the seats. Note that in the case of a very good clip of rotation of grinding heads can be suspended. High speed grinding. 4.Ispolzovanie grinding heads with mechanical drive. This design makes it possible to combine the center of grinding heads to the center ring of the saddle, which leads to formation of the same speed sanding the entire surface of the saddle and provides a flat surface. Mechanical drive accelerates the rotational speed of heads and force preloading. High speed grinding. When working must take into attention quality grinding materials. Most of species have sandpaper amplitude variations of the grain size is 5% or more of designated on the package. Grains, are outside medium size, the first involved in the process of grinding and can leave scratches whose depth will be considerably more than the initial defektov.Chtoby avoid this, you need to sand to make "precipitate" paper on the iron plate. It should also be aware that the grain size is below average, generally will not participate in the process of grinding.