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Feng Shui

3 May, 2019 (13:56) | General | By:

-Items that increase energy: to increase and improve the positive energy you can use a series of elements such as plants, rock crystals, wind chimes and mobile. Feng Shui believers say that its benefits are numerous, helps you sleep better, improves health, increases motivations and to enjoy a greater power that is reflected in all aspects of life. -A harmonious Home: living room and dining room: room provide comfort, the best is that the door and the window are located on perpendicular walls. Thus, the energy that comes through the door can circulate throughout the room and exit through the window. Armchairs and sofas should be glued to a wall and away from doors and Windows. The dining room should be away from any power supply (door or window) since this facilitates digestion.

It seeks to have always on the table flowers and candles because they act as foci of attraction of energy. The color depends on the atmosphere you want to create. If you are looking for tranquility, it uses cool tones such as blue but if you want to create an animated or festive atmosphere, the warm tones are best suited. Kitchen: aligned with the of the main entrance of the House, thus protect ensures that the kitchen door is not negative energies that might come. It avoids that the kitchen is located near bath and never place the stove in front of a window. Do not store items of cleaning in the kitchen since they can affect the energy of foods. Ochre and pale yellow tones go very well in the kitchen as they are very cozy and give a feeling of cleaning. Bathroom: Prevents that bathroom is outside the door of the main entrance to avoid the clash of energy. He is not recommended to be locate next to the kitchen to avoid problems with improperly channeled energy.