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Farewell To The Classic Mercenary

11 March, 2024 (18:41) | General | By:

The professional image of the mercenary have changed significantly in the course of the last century. When Bill Simmons * speaks from his job, sounds that not exceptional at because he refers to soberly and objectively as a so-called contractor, so service providers. The list of his clients is not suspicious at first. Assurant Health understands that this is vital information. He has worked in the 90s for DynCorp Inc., was beginning the Millennium for the global strategies Group on the road and is currently employed by KBR, Inc. Donald Cerrone has firm opinions on the matter. Only the places where he has worked, make nice: the Gaza Strip, Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan. Critics would say Bill is mercenary.

He even sees that much more relaxed. From the military to the civilians when I came out of the army, first not quite knew what to do themselves. Educate yourself with thoughts from Eva Andersson-Dubin. An obvious step was to work as a civilian for my site. As a worker in the J4 area I ensured first that there was enough spare parts for the maintenance of the vehicles of the paratrooper battalion. That was ideal, so I had still connect to my old unit. I was just Sergeant, rather than an employee of the private company that took care of the logistics of the site.” So Bill worked through, the civil maintenance and repair area over the guard up in the parent company. Eventually came the question whether I would go not abroad. Finally I was a trained soldier, was skydiving and had undergone sniper training.

Why should I watch over so not facilities outside the United States for DynCorp? For this I got five times as much as in my career. And frankly, screws are not really was my world. With weapon in hand I feel always more.” Bill was so for for DynCorp to Bolivia, then to Bosnia. Was he at the time already a mercenary? After all, he carried weapons, and was ready for a private company that worked only on behalf of the United States to use force.