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Family Fernando Alves Hipertenso

16 February, 2014 (08:34) | General | By:

Diabetes was also pointed type 2 with 32,5%, following the hereditary succession of cardiovascular illnesses with 21,4%, and the factors as tobaccoism and alcoholism had had lesser percentages. On the factor obesidade it pointed to be a great factor of risk with respect to gnese of the Arterial Hipertenso, where 41.3% of the collected population showed to be with overweight. The problematic one of the carried through research, searched to know which would be the procedures carried through for the Program Health of the Family Fernando Alves in the treatment of the hipertensos of the city of Is Felix; since the factors associates the arterial hipertenso require measured farmacolgicas and not farmacolgicas. In the collection of the data we identify in handbooks the therapeutical procedures carried through by the Program Health of the Family in the control of the hipertensos, amongst them are distinguished: the clinical diagnosis of the cases, cadastre of the carriers, measurement of Presso Arterial (P.A) of the users, lapsing of diets individualizadas, domiciliary visit, ambulatorial accompaniment, medicine supply, domiciliary accompaniment of the patients with sequels of AVC and other complications. the preventive procedures of the hipertenso carried through by the PSF are distinguished educative actions for the control of the reversible factors of risk related the habits acquired throughout the life of the individual (the obesidade, sedentary life, tobaccoism and alcoholism), and the prevention of the complications. It is concluded that the considered objectives to guide this work had been reached with success, therefore when elapsing of the research we define and we contextualizamos arterial hipertenso; we present reversible and not reversible factors of risk; we describe the procedures carried through for the PSF in the treatment of the hipertensos; we analyze and we present resulted significant, that future could be studied more deeply. REFERENCES BARRETO, B.C.P. the medicamentosa association in the control of the arterial hipertenso.