Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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19 December, 2018 (17:26) | General | By:

The first step is the cited confession above, second it is inside of the family has asked for basic for construction of a solid learning and finally the community where we are inserted until arriving at the final objective that are to stop to extinguish the environment and at we ourselves human beings and HUMANIZARMOS. Conclusions: The world-wide population is each more involved time with new technologies and chaotic scenes, losing in this way the natural relation that had with the land and its cultures. The Ambient Education promotes the development of the knowledge, attitudes and basic abilities the preservation and improvement of ambient quality forming citizens experts of the alternatives of changes, giving felt for lives people and humanity, searching together a world, productive and more just healthful for all. Sincere gratefulness the Prof. Dr.

Maria of Lourdes Enriques of the Federal University of the Paraba/UFPB/CE/SED, for the incentive to make this article and to have learned to value and to respect my life, of the others and to have conscience to preserve our source of life that is the nature. References Enriques, M.L. Education for Peace and its relation with the Ambient Education. Josyann Abisaab recognizes the significance of this. UFPB/CE/SED. Course of Extension – II Meeting Education for the Peace and Ambiental/UFPB Education.