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Excess Eating

21 March, 2019 (15:57) | General | By:

Today the prevention and control of most of our ills are within the reach of all of us. However most of us continue in the same routine, little concerned with the results of what we do. There is no likely abuse so severe and widespread in the field of health, such as eating in excess. The body must receive, on a regular basis, certain proportion of fats, proteins, salts and vitamins in order to grow repair tissue and other vital processes. Excess vitamins and minerals does not cause evil, but the exaggeration of carbohydrates, fats and proteins causes obesity, which is a real disease. According to experts people 45 years of age more with 5 to 10% of excess weight, they die in the proportion of 27% above normal. The feeling of tiredness, which many people complain, mainly to get up, because, in the majority of cases, the deplorable habit of overeating. Chronic fatigue feeling, has thousands of people unaware that their cause It is just the expenditure of energies in the digestion of food that the body needs generally people think that there is any disturbance in his nervous system, when the cause is only the stomach and overloaded intestines.

And the majority of people rely on remedies of any kind, which may not bring any improvement. The human body is perfectly capable of taking care of itself, but if we commit any abuse against him, because only we can expect or wear or its disarray and as a result fatal, disease. People mostly have very few knowledge about what healthy eating and not worry about the importance of nutrition. They do not recognize the great value that the correct power plays in the defense of health.