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Emotional Work

2 March, 2014 (20:12) | General | By:

Burn out is one estresse of the work that it reflects in the daily life. Symptoms in the Burn out: lost desmotivao, hopes and ideals, depression for disillusion, descompromisso, lack of emotions. I diagnosis it follows a sequential process where three situations must exist for one diagnosis necessary and coherent with the syndrome. It follows: Emotional exhaustion – the initial trace is considered, being able the manifestation to be physical, psychic or a combination of the two, characterized for the lack or lack of energy and enthusiasm and feeling of exhaustion of resources. To these feelings one adds of frustration and the tension, therefore the workers start to perceive that already they do not possess conditions to expend more energy for the attendance of its customer or too much people as they made previously. The Depersonalization occurs when the professional one starts to treat the customers, colleagues and the organization of distant and impersonal form. The workers start to develop emotional insensibilidade front to the people who are for receiving, dissimulating an affectivity already not more existing.

The Low one Accomplishment in the Work is characterized by the trend of the worker in if auto-evaluating of negative form. It becomes unsatisfied with its professional development and tries a decline in the ability feeling and success, tending to one I discourage next to a feeling of ' ' this work not valley pena' '. Physical symptoms? excessive alcoholic consumption and drugs, muscular migraines, problems with sleep, pains, gastric riots, change of libido, raised arterial pressure. The emotional and psychic symptoms – fatigue, depression, irritability, annoyance, Loss of motivation, overload of work, rigidity and Inflexibilidade. These people will possibly start to commit an excess of lacks and low one auto-esteem in relation to the executed work As you vary other psychic syndromes begins, it, can be confused with other syndromes, in the case can here be confused with syndrome of the chronic fatigue, for example, to put insists, that a good one I diagnosis and the perseverance of patient helps in diagnosiss it correct.