Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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29 November, 2017 (04:26) | General | By:

Still in DINIZ, the dislexia has neurological base, therefore ' ' an expressive incidence of genetic factor in its causes exists, transmitted for a gene of a small one ramification of chromosome six that for being dominant it becomes the hereditary dislexia highly, what it justifies that if repeats in same famlias' ' (DINIZ, 2007, P. 62). According to VASCONCELLOS (1993, the education methodology does not favor the construction of the knowledge, the professor does not teach; the poor pupil is banishes from the school due to adaptation lack its reality; the pupil who is educated for submission and he does not have a conscience, the pertaining to school supervision is an activity that aims at the professional development of the professors, in its dimension of knowledge and action, since a situation daily pay-professional until a situation of accompaniment in the exercise of the profession and the insertion in the life of the school. That is, the function of the pertaining to school supervision is basic to reach the formation of the pupils propitiating the critical development and not accepting everything, therefore the school is the ideal place to form people whom its paper in positive way exerts in society, that is constructor of its proper history, is of utmost importance to have a proposal educational edificadora, not to repeat the errors whom they occur in the classrooms, is common the schools to banish the pupils in the hour where more they need it, in accordance with this reality many if has worried about the difficulties found in schools, not only on the part of the pupils, but for the process as all. the performance of the professor in the process of acquisition of the learning of the dislxico pupil is basic, therefore it fits to the professor to modernize itself constantly, providing benefits to the pupil in the direction of awaking the interest for knowing and constructing its proper pertaining to school history, and second (PEGORIN, 2009). .