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Dust Care

9 December, 2018 (12:26) | General | By:

Upholstered furniture – excellent interior element, with which in any room you can create a home environment, a sense of peace and comfort. It is difficult to imagine modern apartment without furniture: living without comfortable sofa and a couple of chairs, a cabinet – no small but roomy couches, kitchen – without the corner sofa … But not enough to create a homey feel. With regards to furniture, it must be kept in its original form. Unlikely Whether chipped chair will have a pleasant conversation, and the pellets on the back of your favorite bed soon would drive into depression than would lift the mood.

So, how to care for furniture, so she has long kept its color, shape and texture? Getting Rid of Dust Care upholstered furniture should be started from the first day of purchase and not to wait until those times when it does not want to sit. It is therefore very important to regularly get rid of the dust has settled on furniture. It is strongly spoils the appearance of a product, to the same harmful effect on our health. The furniture is not gathering dust, just a regular vacuum it or passes over the surface lint brush, but you can do without it. Dampen and wring out well the old bed sheet, cover it completely furniture and repel, beat back a carpet, a thin stick or a fly swatter. This cleaning will not raise dust, because all it will remain on the sheet. If the furniture is very dirty and very dusty, the procedure can be repeated, again rinsed and wrung out cloth.