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Door Materials

29 May, 2011 (20:01) | General | By:

Tell me, how much are interior doors in your apartment, and I will say what they are made. Material – this is the most that neither is "the essence of Door." That material and its quality determine the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the door, such as strength, resistance to moisture and temperature changes, longevity, and finally, beauty, style and prestige. So let's look more closely at it, from which modern door Wizard create their masterpieces. Let's start with the wood. To date, the most common material used for the manufacture of doors, a pine tree. Why? Because it is cheap. However, this does not prevent some Experts say that a good craftsman can make a pine door better than the oak.

But it's certainly not the case. Pine – a material very soft and sensitive to external conditions. Therefore, in a city apartment, and the more recently renovated, put pine doors are not necessary, as very high risk of cracking. But for the country house these doors – the ideal option. Look further. Oak.

In Russia this tree was a favorite of construction and finishing material. Even now many people prefer to have in the house are not any, namely, interior doors, as they are much stronger than pine. In general, it is worth noting that the deciduous trees and craftsmen, and consumers are valued above conifers. And not just because of quality leaf material is made smaller – the doors of solid oak, maple, beech or mahogany can be a real gem of an apartment. Of course, the price for such doors above, but the quality is worth it. If your budget allows you to set the door of oak or maple, do it, and you will not regret it. It is clear that the door is not profitable for producers to use only homogeneous wood so they learned to combine different materials, while ensuring that high quality products. "Alchemy" for manufacturing a combined door is simple: first, glue sticks of solid wood (usually pine) then they attach medium density fibreboard (MDF), after which the finished structure "decorate" veneer of fine wood. A simplified version of this technology: from pine sticks make the "frame" which filled with wooden "honeycombs" (although often cost and without them) and then trim veneer. Combined door not only inferior in quality to "massive" – it is much less prone to deformation due to humidity fluctuations in the room. In addition, the cost of such a door, as you know, below. It is no wonder that people are willing to buy the combined door. Why pay more? – You ask. You are right. So, with the tree sorted. Now let's talk about artificial materials. mdf, particle board, laminate as a coating – hardly this simple "door kit" will make your guests gasp. If the savings to you is of paramount value, then, of course, buying a door made entirely of synthetic materials, will affect your budget is minimal. But let's not forget about all the famous high financial commitments mean. However, is to say, and a couple of words in defense of "not-tree". Recently, in the manufacture and finishing of interior doors are widely used materials such as aluminum, tinted glass, different types of polymers, etc. Sophisticated design and advanced technology allow us to offer door manufacturers, consumers, products of the highest class to suit all tastes and budgets. And, by and large, is not so important, he made doors of wood or artificial materials. Importantly – to meet our ideas of style and comfort. Good luck!