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Domiciliary Internment

22 January, 2018 (01:11) | General | By:

The reduction of internments reinternaes are important factors in this which had process, the high costs with this type of service. On the basis of the collected information, can be said that the managers understand the importance of the service of Domiciliary Internment and the economy generated for the Institution, beyond the differentiated treatment that the patient receives. It had a reduction of 60,3% in the costs of patients with Prophylaxis of internment when treated in the regimen of Domiciliary Internment when compared with the Hospital Internment. In the same way, a 48,8% reduction was reached in patients with high precocious. It can be said that the Domiciliary Internment is a current trend of market, in ample growth and development. Despite the cost with health tends to increase, the advance benefits to all. However it demands financial support to make front to these advances.