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Dmitry Tikhomirov

10 August, 2016 (08:48) | General | By:

"The methodology bioresonance medicine on the human body affected by weak signals, but these signals are meaningful to humans, explains Dmitry Tikhomirov, the training of physicians working with AIC "IMEDIS-Expert" at the Department of Post education at the Moscow University of Friendship of Peoples. – You have to understand that even a weak but significant signal for a person can greatly affect his or her body. It is therefore important professional doctor working for the instrument. For allergy can include the frequency of histamine – a substance that causes allergy, or directly in the session he will attack allergies. For postinfarction patients excluded myocardial infarction. There are a set of certain rules, the neglect of which may harm the health of the patient.

Adverse effects are possible with any instrument. It has long been used in medical ultrasound equipment or X-rays also carry potentially dangerous: they can also be diagnosed as well as irradiated. X-ray of the lungs can cause lung cancer, if this small dose will be the last straw in the synthesis of the disease. It is no coincidence participants aftermath of the Chernobyl accident are contraindicated X-ray studies, and even fluorography. In order to minimize additional radiation it shows just bioresonance diagnosis and respectively, bioresonance therapy.

At the same time for cancer patients radiotherapy is useful. Moreover, they need a radioactive load. Any diagnostic and therapeutic device does not accept thoughtless, and formal use. Therefore, patients themselves need to be vigilant, do not trust your health to charlatans. " As for the BRT (bio-resonance therapy), the direct contraindications to the use it is not has, including age. It is no accident clients of the Center of invigoration and rejuvenation of man in Moscow as popular children's diagnosis, the diagnosis of preschool children. Frequently Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has said that publicly. However, to carry out bio-resonance diagnostics, as well as bioresonant therapy should be a certified specialist, clearly representing the agricultural use of algorithms "IMEDIS-expert." So, do not you and not a doctor at their discretion to decide what is harmful or helpful to your body. The criterion in the selection of certain procedures and medications is your own body. He is always willing to send you a very specific answer to a question that he is bad, but it is helpful. It is only necessary to ask …