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Departure Level

19 August, 2016 (23:03) | General | By:

You are a good driver? What do you do before you get behind the wheel of his car or working? How often do you consider my second I am – a car? Inspection, pre-departure security for your safety, long life of your car. We all think of ourselves as good drivers, who rarely does not care about your car, a couple we deny ourselves, not to deprive the passing A good driver, trying to constantly monitor your car, remember the disease easier to treat early stage. You are a good driver. Make it a rule every day before leaving, or at least once a week to inspect and check: 1. The air pressure in tires. For non-compliance bring to the norm.

2. Oil level. I think you know, but by the way – the rate between the minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick. Top up if necessary below the minimum. Recommendation: The preferred oil is topped up, too, which flooded the engine.

3. The coolant level (in modern Car has a minimum level indicator on the panel). The coolant level should be above the mark on the expansion tank. If necessary, refill the coolant expansion tank. Remember! If the system as a coolant poured antifreeze – antifreeze is not recommended to interfere with different colors. 4. Brake fluid level. He must be above the minimum mark. If necessary, pour the liquid into the tank to the mark maximum. 5. Inspect hoses power systems, cooling and lubricating the engine. Nor any stains. Especially the leakage. In detecting traces of leakage, determine cause. The most common reason for the weakening of clamps, pull, complicated because there is nothing. 6. Serviceability of the brake system, parking brake. 7. Serviceability indicators, instrumentation, direction signs, lighting fixtures.