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Dental Erosion

6 December, 2013 (13:12) | General | By:

Caries is the destruction of dental hard tissue, which is the most frequent cause of his total or partial destruction. Probably not in the world of a man who has not encountered this problem. Cause of tooth decay is acid, which destroy the enamel, penetrates deeper and affects dentin, after which the tooth begins to ache. Without proper treatment of acid destroys the pulp, which is already very severe toothache, and can penetrate into the tooth infection, which causes its inflammation. Acid is caused by bacteria during processing of food containing sucrose or starch. It follows a simple and known fact – the more you sweet eat, the more likelihood you have tooth decay. Caries can occur in fissures of enamel or in between teeth.

Proper oral hygiene, moderate consumption of sugary foods, coupled with regular visits to the dentist negate the likelihood of tooth decay. In addition to caries, the bacteria also cause dental plaque, which can lead to gum disease and serious illness such as periodontitis. Erosion of tooth is called as acids contained in food. Most products are completely safe for our teeth, but excessive consumption of citrus fruit and salty foods is very negative impact on oral health. Negative effect on the health of your teeth have so many favorite sodas. They are especially popular among children. Even the highest-quality soft drinks contain a large amount of acid. Children who drink too much soda, there is destruction of non-carious tooth surface.

In this case, the tooth is destroyed not by the bacteria, and because of the impact acid. If time does not visit the dentist, not seeking treatment for caries and not stop the process, your teeth could be seriously affected, and to treat them would be very difficult. As a result of nervous tension or stress is sometimes bruxism – teeth grinding. Often a person suffering from this disease is not aware of his problem as it manifests itself during sleep. Avoid destruction of the tooth to help special lining on the gums, worn on the night. In any of these cases, visit the dental clinic, timely inspection and advice to help you identify potential problems and immediately begin treatment. But the main, however, are preventive measures, changes in diet and proper selection of toothpaste.