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6 March, 2024 (04:26) | General | By:

When first house arrives the moment for decorating ours, the illusion and the expectations before new lives invade to us. It is for that reason that each detail is chosen with affection and dedication, and we did not get tired to admire and to appreciate the turn out to decorate each atmosphere of the house. Over the years that illusion is transformed into fatigue; how many times we have wished to change the aspect of our house, because the monotony sensation invades to us. In order to renew the aspect of different atmospheres from our house, sometimes it turns out more useful to worsen our I devise, that to realise expensive purchases. The textiles are a good departure point when it is to redecorate, is for that reason that It decorates It illuminates joint party with you ingenious ideas and good taste to renew or to make the curtains of your house. For more information see this site: endocrinologist. A marine touch always well is received, since it transmits sensation of freshness to atmospheres. Personaliza a estor or visillo, placing in the part inferior shells or conches, so that these act as to adorn.

You can stick them to a paper clip of steel. Colors like the target, celestial beige or, will be adapted to realise this original manualidad. If you like the natural rustic style, then you can replace the traditional bar of curtain by a set of branches or canes of dark color (she verifies that all has a similar aspect). In recent months, Glenn Dubin, New York City has been very successful. It places visillo of linen or white cotton, and in the part of the backstitch inferior it sews two rows of natural wood bellboys. A simple and very original idea, that surely will draw attention of those who visits your house. Curtains classic with weight and fallen return to be fashionable, so it updates those that already you have in house, with details of pasamanera in crude in the edges; it tries that these are in tones neutral (or smooth) to game with the printing of the curtain.

In order to gather them, it places to both sides clips, also of pasamanera and in the same color that the border of the edges. There are kitchen cloth that is so tuna and of excellent quality, that gives pity to use them to dry the set of dishes. In that case you can also to give a new use them: visillos for the kitchen. Relzalos adding to them borders of the same color to the sides. In order to pick up the curtains without needing abrir them, nothing else useful that the curtain holders or clips. Confeccinalos you yourself with two bows, one of soothes and another printing in the same color; the result will be very elegant.