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Concrete Transportation

25 October, 2012 (02:55) | General | By:

Concrete – this is an artificial stone material, which is formed by solidification of compacted and stirred mixture of organic or mineral matter with water, small and large aggregates made in certain proportions. In the construction is most often used concrete, which is made with cement. The main active ingredients of concrete are cement, water, and the reaction between them forms a cement stone, which binds the grain aggregates in the monolith. Concrete is: 1. General construction: light and heavy concrete, 2. Special concrete: decorative, hydraulic, heat-resistant, ground and chemically resistant. The highest strength different road concrete, as it has a high frost resistance and durability. To promptly transport the concrete mix to the site, retaining all the qualities and characteristics, requires special construction equipment.

There are two ways to deliver concrete mix: dump trucks and concrete mixers. When transporting concrete dump the mixture threatens to delamination, resulting in the construction heterogeneous platform gets concrete mix, which will require additional mixing. This can be avoided by delivering the concrete mix in the trucks in which a concrete mixture is stirred during transportation, and the bundle does not occur. Trucks designed for transporting ready-mixed concrete to consumers while preserving the properties of the mixture on the route, as well as for discharging the mixture in place of laying or betonotransportnye tools (concrete pumps, stationary concrete pumps). The quality of hardened concrete depends on the composition of concrete mix and speed of its delivery to the construction site. In a recent time delivering concrete to construction sites used trucks. At the same time was lost during transport to 5% of the mixture.

Just lost the homogeneity of the composition – a concrete mixture splits into factions. As a result – The formation of voids in hardened concrete. Mixer carries an object ready mix or prepares it in a way. In this case, there is a constant stirring paddle mixer solution to prevent it bundle.