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Children and Obesity

14 February, 2018 (21:33) | General | By:

Recently, in a modern society lifestyle has changed so that the risk of obesity even among the most athletic people in childhood increases many times. It depends not only on a fixed way of life, but also on wrong, though tasty food. Remembering myself as a child, I remember that not crawl out of the yard and from the school stadium, even forgetting to eat, constantly in what is played. Now I have a beer belly and flabby muscles. Now, to my horror watch as our young generation is growing – while sitting at their computers at home, they grow in some stooped lanky plants with pale skin, half of them already have a whole bouquet of diseases associated with fixed way of life, low physical activity and nutrition junk food. I myself have seven children, a boy.

He was more interested in the chop on the grid to rear, than to take the ball and go play football. When I told him tell that to the kids we played in the yard in a variety of games, rushed in with guns voynushka, he just laughs at what a pistol we played it you see a full combat gear and a fur seal computer game he super macho, like this here! They now have home computers, game consoles, mobile phones. Our children have already begun to meet and communicate across the network without leaving your home and not getting out of his chair. I have nothing against progress, my work is connected to the computer and mobile communications, without this in our time does, but this is an inflection, and they soon begin to marry the Internet and the children start in the same place, will only fit a two tubes – one part with the nutrients and the other which eliminates the waste products of the body, and all – a full matrix! So, I decided that this situation is time to stop and bought skates for the whole family – himself, his wife and son! To celebrate that now begins a healthy life, my son and I decided to try out the same day purchased sporting goods.