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Childhood Obesity

16 November, 2017 (17:11) | General | By:

I am thankful my parents who are my safe port, that always will help me at the difficult moments and must everything the vocs. My pretty Laura son presenteou who me with its coming to the world, where each time that eye for you, feel that everything that I make valley the penalty because I have you my great love. I thank my colleagues for the convivncia and the exchanges of experiences, in special my friend who always helped me dividing pains, you distress and many other difficulties that we face meetings during this trajectory. Palavras_Chaves SUMMARY: Obesidade, Overweight, Physical Activity, Infantile Obesidade. The infantile obesidade is a problem in constant growth in the world all, problem this very preoccupying, therefore beyond harming aesthetic it can bring many illnesses and problems of health. This work had for purpose to analyze the index of overweight and obesidade in pupils of 1 4 series of the state net of the city of Santa Rosa /RS. The sample consisted 183 children with age of 6 the 14 years. The used methodology was of descriptive nature with information, of bibliographical references characterizing itself as of field, being qualitative and quantitative.

The Index of Corporal Mass was used for the analysis (IMC) and the percentile frequency for presentation of the results. After the analysis of the data concludes that the percentile greater of the total of pupils of the searched schools meets, with overweight and obesidade. ABSTRACT Words_ Keys: Obesity, Overweight, Physical Activity, Childhood Obesity. Childhood obesity is it problem in growing worldwide problem which is very worrying, because in addition you aesthetic damage can bring many diseases and health problems. This to paper aims at examining the rate of overweight and obesity among students from 1st you 4th grating from the state of Santa Rosa/RS. The sample comprised 183 children aged 6 you the 14 years.