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Cayenne Salmon

18 June, 2023 (20:41) | General | By:

Pasta salad recipe can be prepared in different ways. The recipe that I bring you today in this article is to prepare pasta salad with smoked salmon. It also contains a bit of clear this mayonnaise if you like add sauces to your recipes, moreover even you can add parts of the mixture of sour cream, yogurt and cheese. According to the instructions, this recipe should be enough for 6 servings. All the preparation and cooking time could be around 30 minutes, although this may vary depending on your stove or oven.

Ingredients 11 oz of pasta 1 onion, chopped 1 small carrot, grated 1 / 2 c. celery, chopped 1 / 2 c. cucumber, cut into dice 8 oz salmon, smoked, pieces of 1 / 2 inch 2 tsp. lemon juice 1 / 3 c. of mayonnaise salt, Cayenne and pepper to taste instructions – get a pot that is large enough, and fill with water. Slightly add salt and place over high heat until it boils. -Add the paste and allow it to boil.

Do not cover pot to let as well is to cook the pasta. Once it is completely cooked, drain the pasta rinse with cold water. Then place in a bowl to mix it later with the rest of the ingredients. Mix all four vegetables and the smoked salmon in the dough, getting the ingredients evenly distributed. On the other hand, mix the lemon juice and mayonnaise, with salt, pepper, etc pour sauce on the pasta salad, and again distribute more evenly possible. I invite you to visit my cookbook and prepare recipes easy as pasta salad or also of baked salmon. Until the next.