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Carlos Bulnes

11 October, 2021 (21:48) | General | By:

In la Pena, (as counted them on another occasion) worked singing duo that was emblematic of our song La Limenita criollo and Ascoy singers folk music veterans. Brothers, Rosita and Alejandro Ascoy. More info: tom waterhouse. Rosita by his advanced age, had a very special character. A very particular detail in it, is that she was very jealous, artistically speaking; She did not like that so just sing another artist in the penalty, walked claiming him the owner, when he hired someone for this job. More information is housed here: tom waterhouse. On one occasion Carlos Bulnes (owner of the penalty) hired a la for the show. The La wore as the charapa stage name and his gold quena (charapa says our jungle villagers Peruvian) man had a look of Warlock and this to Rosita disliked nadita.

I speak with the owner so it bounced, but as Carlos Bulnes already knew their weaknesses of Rosita he ignored him. For David Gomero, this was a special argument to give free rein to your deviant imagination. Secretly he prepared with a few napkins and sticks of Phosphors, a kind of Satanic doll, put up hairs. Then was where Rosita, showed it and told him: look Rosita the Charapa, what he has done and I found it near your wallet because you can imagine the reaction of Rosita to learn of this supposed spell I wanted the Charapa, was running where Carlos Bulnes to tell her what happened. At the end of each night’s penalty, when customers were gone and only the musicians stayed behind to collect our working day, it was beginning to la Penita consisting in a share: songs, occurrences and mocedades de all the musicians, but who marked the difference with your imagination hilarious, was always David gum. His Creole spark, was a healthy spark, without falling into rude; It was rather a spark palomillezca, that will be always remembered with joy and sadness at the same time.