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21 February, 2021 (19:56) | General | By:

When I’m a child I need my parents to learn how to not make mistakes, understanding as such those actions that have more negative consequences than positive both long and short term. In my adolescence I need my parents to bring along good bed the flood of hormones that attacked my body. After this, however, I again balanced (if everything went OK) and with enough experience to facing the world and continue learning from their hostilities and enjoying its beauty. However this is not so that I still have a Pope who punishes me with 500 euros for not wearing seat belt. Why? Because my dad has screwed it up and has led the family to an economic crisis.

Let’s define the bricks of politics: politicians (I don’t think that you so dreamers would be believe that he would say no?). I define them as well: subjects blinded by his addiction to stay in power, poderadictos. And of course for this purpose must lick many powerful ass which give them their support, isn’t it? I don’t want a Pope poderadictos, moreover, I do not want more potato than mine (and my mom of course, nobody is angry). Currently 99% of the people said me something like: we can not live without politics! It sucks Yes, but it is necessary. Let me 99% of the people say that I do not agree, not if we have the same concept of politics, for this I am enough, perhaps too practical since I define it as I see it, such as the planet has been viewed from the birth of higher hominid.

REMOVE US BANDS! They have us cheated! Tell us: we are your potatoes because we are smarter and more capable than you, be clear that we are never by well-being unless doing so our goodness becomes evident and by her us voting, we are your potatoes and we need. Some people call our situation passive democracy and I really agree with the second term, understood as giving us ass at all hours, using mode of Vaseline their putridas words, with less value than the crap out of my newborn cousin. No, I do not propose to anarchy, I’m not such an idiot, we all need rules, just have to see the Organization of a pack of wolves in the wild, nature, incidentally, if that does not have any vote in making decisions. What I am saying is that I don’t want an aiy poderadictos standards, I want standards that put ourselves, rules which adapt as circumstances change, and not as the poderadictos portfolios change. Not be unto you but my nobody asked me if I want to set the speed limit to 120; my no one asked me where I want to save, if the purchase of tanks XXXXXXXXXXX euros or the pension of my grandmother. I do not agree with the policy, can not stand it. And I’m not saying that I’m going to take arms nor will do pintaditas on the bus, I only say that must be removed the bandages, which please you will not feel cheated, not need to Zapatero, Rajoy, nor to Esperanza Aguirre, or to Obama, or to No Pope rather than yours. Greetings and sorry for my lack of respect but you may understand that if I do not like give me ass or to permit much less without it.