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Brazilian Language

27 December, 2012 (23:18) | General | By:

Thus, it was identified adds problems that lead you difficulty in learning of deaf students, such problems of separation Junction, where the student donates not segments the words correctly, vice oralizao because the sound that make up the spoken word is transformed into letters and turns, and Deaf and Sound, in which the sound shows in vibration of vocal folds, among others. KEY-WORD: deafness, also education, deaf people learning. INTRODUCTION the deafness is an invisible auditory incapacity. Costuma not to notice the importance of the hearing in our lives, that is not for proper us. The direction that more places in them inside of the world is the hearing and the communication is a good that possesss inestimable value. Auditory deficiency or deafness is the parcial disability or total of hearing. It can be of posterior caused nascena or for illnesses. It is the reduction of the capacity of the normal perception of the sounds.

The auditory deficient term, according to BEHARES (1993), reflects a vision doctor-organicista where the deaf person it is seen as carrying of a located pathology, a deficiency that it needs to be treated. BEHARES (1993) criticizes this vision, alleging that the necessary deaf person to be seen under a sociocultural perspective. It tells that current studies have called the attention for the job the deaf term a time that is this the expression used for the proper deaf people to mention itself exactly and to other deaf people. He also affirms that ‘ ‘ it is important to consider not only that the deaf person differs from the listener, because does not hear, but because he develops psicoculturais potentialities prprias’ ‘ (P. 23). Art. 2 and only paragraph of the Decree Law n. 5.626/2005 regulate article 18 of Law 10,098/200 (BRAZIL, 2005) that it defines the deafness as: ‘ ‘ considers itself deaf person to whom, for having auditory loss, she understands and she interacts with the world by means of visual experiences, revealing its culture mainly for the use of the Brazilian Language of Signals?