Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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These differentials can occur through the enterprise image associate the products or services, attendance, relation of satisfaction of the internal and external public, beyond projects that aim at health, habitation, education, transport, security and familiar support. accepted organization that this challenge, does not have to face it as one simply practical of marketing or modismo, but an important step that it must be entailed to the Strategical Planning and the corporative objectives. Another strategy that deserves special attention is the communication, therefore the world lives the time of the relationships and the companies need to develop in this technique, this art, this basic tool of competitive differential. The Communication is the consequence of the social reality, politics and economic of one determined period, therefore, its viability cannot be curtailed. The organizations need to convince its customers the quality its services and products, beyond satisfying its necessities immediate. The communication is the main tool of aid in the identification and implementation of strategies in all the levels of the organization, therefore of efficient and flexible form it favors new information beyond facilitating the intentional aiming for quarrels, planejamentos, dialogues, critical development and interatividade. It is understood then, that the Strategical Planning are basic in the globalizado world becoming essential tool for the survival of the organizations, in particular in what says respect to competitive the Social Responsibility and the Communication as distinguishing, creating values, maintenance and growth in the market. The Strategical Planning is indispensable for the taking of decisions, therefore it is the process capable to establish the best direction that the company must follow, with total interaction with the environment to act of innovative, differentiated and competitive form.

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