Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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6 February, 2014 (23:31) | General | By:

Do frequently ask me, because you don’t practice or not compete? It is simply not consistent with my lifestyle. I love bodybuilding, always be in forms, prepare athletes; but do not give me full hard bodybuilding life. But that is what we should look for all? From my point of view, you have rather than nothing to find the optimum for you. And I mean to the point where you can see well and lead the life that you like. In my personal case, I am in search of mature muscle, to find the point where I see today in the same way that I hope to see me the next ten or fifteen years, without having to lose mass. I don’t know if you’ve had the opportunity to observe American athletes who have been great champions colossal in its size, and are now unrecognizable.

I like to find the point where you can be good for a long time and each time you look more mature. Then, the current trends of bodybuilding are now accepting symmetrical physicists and the idea of that the volume isn’t everything, although even the marked tendency to huge parties with excessive middle is present. And the truth all that is good, because for that tastes were made! Personally, I think that you must find the maximum muscle volume, provided this does not affect your symmetry, because if not that is worth everything? If you have a weak zone must apply the principle of muscle priority and give it special that party treatment, until you can make it level with the rest, because at last that is true? Andres Torres Gnarr.