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Beauty Hair Removal

14 July, 2023 (04:11) | General | By:

The truth about hair removal, hair removal and bio-tattoo today. For many years women and men have a dream of smooth, soft and silky skin. Many want everyone to admire their beauty, grandeur, knowing that the path to beauty requires sacrifice and effort. To get rid of hair depilation are doing at the time and waxed for a long time. Hair removal for a long time – this laser treatment or exposure to an electric current to hair follicles to destroy. Hair removal for a long time provides a longer result. The main disadvantage of hair removal for a long time is that after treatment for approximately 2 weeks on the body are traces. Therefore, in the offices of cosmetic hair removal do warn summer.

Waxing involves the time machine for waxing, shaving razor, and special formulations for shaving, depilation, waxing, etc.. Application of lotions, sprays, gels, creams, salves, – is for trains chemical depilation. The procedure is common, because it is the most painless, but often causes inflammation. Wax depilation are divided into warm and cold, mainly used for large areas of the body, such as the tibia and femur. This procedure is painful, but well suspended, and sometimes even stops the growth of hair. Recently, for aesthetic pleasure high demand Bio-tattoo.

Bio-tattoo – it's a temporary tattoo that is applied to the skin using natural formulations. These materials include henna, henna body painting is used for many years, but it does not become less popular. The desired pattern can be done through a variety of sets – templates, which you must provide a tattoo shop. The main advantage of such a tattoo is that it keeps for 2-3 weeks. Many tattoo make special adjustments and continue to further enjoy their "body painting". Now temporary tattoo – accessible to all pleasure, so is the original decoration of the body the power to allow any, even very sneaky person, because it will not have to be reduced, the drawing itself will disappear. Friendly bio-tattoo is an original decoration of the body. If you want to impress your friends and of course to surpass their Bio-tattoo, it is a great chance. And best of all, that this tattoo is practically painless. So when you come down pattern without thinking you want to inflict a new bio-tattoo.