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18 January, 2022 (02:02) | General | By:

ADF feeder (ADF) can be unilateral or bilateral, ie, feeding the originals on the scanner glass, or one party or two. Also very useful feature that allows standard, can be supplied optionally. You can send a print job is not only one printer, but with a few over the network. Printer language acquires meaning only in the processing of complex jobs. GDI (Universal serial port) which allows you to connect the machine locally (to a single computer) and 10 Base-T/100Base – Tx (network interface) allows you to connect the MFP to the network as a separate device, not "Bound" to a particular PC. Additional functions for many different manufacturers. For example, Canon equips its various MFP function of erasing the fields, the ability to scan for USB-drive, the ability to edit documents directly on the device, etc.

In this case, the selection of additional functions is determined by your needs. Power consumption, noise, size and design should also be considered in Depending on your preferences. Now consider the factors affecting the costs associated with the acquisition of the unit. Format MFP substantially affect the price. A4 – the hottest format for today, but there organization, where A3 – need. Chromaticity printing: full color or monochrome.

It is worth to be determined with how you need full color printing. Cost per print for full color and monochrome device different. For example, for a monochrome laser printer Canon LBP 3310 cost per page is $ 0.03-*. And for color laser printer Canon LBP 5050 prints cost $ 0.18 *. The difference is palpable. Laser or inkjet machine purchase should be addressed, too, based on need. Jet apparatus is cheaper and the quality of color reproduction in a close to real. Permission to print a jet apparatus is determined by the size of the drop, the smaller the droplet, the sharper the image. But the printhead ejector is a consumable item (it has its share), and its price is about one third of the cost of the device. In addition, the inkjet device requires regular print, otherwise the drying up of "ink" can lead to failure of the printhead unit. The laser device is more expensive jet has a lower resolution print and less realistic color. However, significant advantages are cost laser printing printing and ease of use. The cost of consumables. Correct, of course, do not talk about the cost of supplies, and about the cost of copies. As mentioned above, cost per print monochrome laser printers less than a full-color. The cost of prints, made by inkjet technologies, higher than the indentations made on a laser machine. For example, the cost per print for CANON Pixma IP 2700 is $ 0.25 *, and the Canon LBP 5050 – $ 0.18 *. Thus, to determine the necessary and desirable features, and safely choose a new device, do not forget, in this case, to clarify the terms and conditions of warranty, as well as the presence of Authorized Service Center. * Calculations are based on the cost of original Canon consumables on 01/11/2010