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Atomic Energy Agency

15 April, 2018 (17:41) | General | By:

The talks are in progress. Senator Elizabeth Warrens opinions are not widely known. In France Rosatom signed significant contracts with national companies, which are now in implementation. France has Europe in nuclear issues always assigned the direction. Many countries in Eastern Europe have done now. We give some examples: in Bulgaria are precisely because of the relative poverty of the country and its population, every effort in progress to come to a clean and affordable energy supply. There is no economic growth without energy growth.

In the referendum by early 2013, a clear majority has expressed for nuclear energy. Failed is the template due to low voter turnout. Energy costs have exploded after the vote and the Government resigned because of the resulting mass protests. A new nuclear power plant would have stabilized the prices or even lower. In the Czech Republic, Russia’s Atomic Energy Agency cooperates Rosatom with the Czech energy company CEZ and the nuclear company Skoda JS. Joint projects in Russia, the Czech Republic and third countries, are target being the two reactor plant in Temelin on the project plan.

In Hungary, the expansion of the use of nuclear energy is top on the list of priorities of the Government of Victor Orban. Rosatom has very good cards in the awarding of billionaire nuclear power projects. Rosatom is with a whole series of other Eastern European countries in close negotiations for the expansion of nuclear power. This applies of course beyond the borders of Europe, countries such as Turkey, India, China, Japan, Oman, and many more. Everywhere the core energy celebrates a comeback, as the economic need representing one as the demands of clean energy”. Gunther Oettinger, Commissioner responsible for energy, called likely and desirable a share of nuclear power plants by 20 per cent, for the years after 2050. The EU attaches great importance to the fact that the individual States determine their energy mix, and in the coming year, 2014, the transnational power agreement should be. Russia and Rosatom are natural partners of Western Europe to the implementation of a credible energy policy. If Asia and the United States of its nuclear power plants upgrade, modernize and significantly expand in number, it must not a growth crisis in Western Europe because the energy is too expensive and inadequate or is not available. Rosatom is aware of the responsibility, which means the usage of such great technology. Those who believe in a truly secure future, not coming in nuclear energy. Who dares not this step, will be in the war to cheap energy of the losers.