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Atlantic Ocean

18 December, 2018 (06:49) | General | By:

These bobagens. However, for certain it is to ask for too much diverse behavior in this infernal heat! It does not agree? This people has each one After all, the work does not go to leave there exactly, n not? Then it can be waiting until the following working day arrives. Its Brazil – it is what it is commented – deferred payment in a slum quarter of the periphery of the world and, although its joy innate, it is I lack of education, weak of health, ignaro in the importncias and light of the humanity and not of the much importance to the relatives. It mounted residence in a pressed together street of splintery people made, being the only one that he does not say the current language of the place, but if has capsized thus exactly. y agree. Who knows its house, informs that it is the greater of the public park. Spacious residence, of indevassvel sight for the Atlantic Ocean, aired good, salubrious of climate, awarded for the nature with what God created of better, but of half furniture spends and old-fashioned. Its people impolite, cospe in the soil and xinga palavro. How he said above, the neighborhood is not these things there – neighboring he does not choose yourself, n exactly? Of the one of everything for there. He has smuggler of imported product of nature doubtful; he has former and current dealers of drugs; he has rioter that he implies with the press and he wants to be owner of the street (its Brazil that does not leave); he has dancer of tango with airs of football player and arrogance of European