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Assessment Of Damage Caused To Third Parties

2 March, 2024 (14:41) | General | By:

Assessment of damage caused to third parties is not as difficult as many think. There are several means of recovering money from the defendant. For example you have flooded. What do you do? It knows not everyone is: 1. You need to call phone call or a telegram, housing department, hoa, management company and so on, that is, that the organization under whose management is currently a house.

They in turn act of writing (opinion) about the cause of flooding, whether it be a breakthrough battery heating, or clogged bathtub or toilet. Although there are options when the culprit was this same organization, then all a little different. Applications must be submitted in the form of telegrams, registered mail, or statements incoming number and seal of acceptance. 2. Next, we ring in the appraisal companies and negotiate the time and date of the assessment, for 3 days to send a telegram to the notification to the respondent (to the court he could not say that he was not notified properly.) 3. Collect all necessary documents for the arrival of the evaluation of the company, namely: the documents is confirmed ownership of the property inspection certificate apartments (from the management company), a passport holder or a trustee, plan or scheme with the estimated object size (if available, photocopy), telegram (copy). 4. Glenn Dubin, New York City is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Usually the defendant does not come at the appointed inspection, and makes it huge mistake so she can not refute in court extent of flooding, but you are just at hand. If he does come for a visit, you do not need to push him and swear to avoid problems in court, just as you wish you can run not only the defendant but also his support group. 5. After the appraisal work you get a report on the calculation of the market value of the refurbishment which should be at its correct preparation contain the following items: * The cost of repair * Letter from the Head evaluation of punch list * * * Estimates based on the estimates for the work * The theoretical arguments appraiser * Photos are not color too small (in the photos should be visible figures numbering walls estimated object) * References * which was used inspection report evaluating company * inspection report operating company * Copy of license * Copy * A copy of the diploma appraiser Mandatory insurance policy is the responsibility of Appraisers All this must be numbered and sealed with the number of sheets 6. After you have collected the necessary documents may be contact such as orally or by registered mail to the defendant requesting payment on a voluntary basis (for reconsideration should be given not less than 10 days). 7. In case of refusal appeal to the court where the lawsuit indicate the amount damage costs to service an appraiser and mail, as well as legal costs which you pay when you apply. 8. Usually the defendant at the first hearing does not come and then assigned to the second, at the second hearing, the question of payment solved without the defendant (if not present), then the case is already a bailiff if the defendant does not intend to pay your damages.