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Art Nouveau

17 February, 2012 (04:02) | General | By:

The fashion for wigs lasted a long time. In Russia, women and girls wore braids or long hair. In old Russia there was a rule: the girls wore a single braid braided low on the neck and adorned with ribbon. But marrying a girl's wedding day spit into two intertwined and laid them around the head crown. And since it all my life shall wear a headscarf, that would be men – and outsiders, and their family members. could not see her hair. These are the harsh laws were in those times. And again, I noticed that after all we live in accessible and favorable world – a world of beauty and adornment.

We are an integral part of nature. And as we all know that only nature can create true beauty. And we are children of nature, should only receive and help to look beautiful more worthy and long. And, just need to learn to take this beauty with the advent of Art Nouveau fashion beginning of the twentieth century natural hair color is changing completely the opposite to natural, with intense staining substances. Fashionable hair style is a high cone-shaped, laid broad waves, going down low on his forehead or on the smooth parting with low-down on the cheeks with wavy hair.

Shapes and silhouettes hairstyles returns over time and repeated with the addition of some details of what the modern world. If we trace the development of the fashion of the past and see history before our time we can see that the hair of ancient Rome began to wear a XlX throughout Europe. Wigs after 200 years in the 60 years of the twentieth century. Each era brings something new, its a more interesting and worthy. Exact copy was not. The development of fashion never stands still. Change the basic shapes, forms, hairstyles and clothes. All this is in direct relation to the socio-economic, natural environment, aesthetic and moral demands. Last but not least and this is the main factor art style beauty fashion. We all want to look fashionable and stylish. We submit and pay tribute to fashion.