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Antonio Gramsci

23 February, 2022 (12:48) | General | By:

For it, the society is formed by a structure (the means of production, as the land, the industry and the commerce) and the superstructure (the ideological devices that justify the maintenance of the structure, as the school, religion the social medias) (OLIVEIRA, 2003). According to Aron (1987), as in the liberal society the means of production they are in ownership of the capitalists, the function of the superstructure is to justify and to reproduce this society. Discarding, affirms that the education is part of the superstructure, is part of the control of the ruling classes. Therefore, when accepting the ideas repassed for the school, the classroom of the workers (proletarian) assimilated a false conscience, hindered that to perceive it its proper interests. to happen, consequentemente, in this capitalist society, the education as a way of domination of a classroom on the other. In this direction, the school finishes for alienating the pupils in the educational process through two ways: imposing the ideas of that it withholds the power and excluding the diligent, subordinate classroom, of the means of production and them produced goods. Get more background information with materials from Rick McKenney. The professor, in this Libertarian pedagogia, exactly unconsciously, is an agent of the dominant ideology (ARON, 1987). For the marxists, one time that the school is part of a structure and contributes for reproduziz it, the possible exit to become the school a force of social change would be to change the structure of the proper society; that is, for an organization of a socialist society, it is necessary not to exist social classrooms, stops with this disappearing the conflicts. Fields affirm that for Marx, in this new society, work and education must be associates, are the call polytechnical education, where the pupil would receive a knowledge integrated to know intellectual, a physical preparation and a professional education. Already Antonio Gramsci defended that the workers were capable to develop the classroom conscience, although to point the State as responsible for the reproduction of the production relations kept that them far from the auto-conscience (FIELDS, 2000).