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Ancient Ways Healing Walnut Oil

22 March, 2017 (13:18) | General | By:

(PUFA) – useful. These include linseed oil, fish oil, walnut oil. The leader of PUFA – 92% – walnut oil. Ratio of Omega-3: omega-6 is one to four. Monounsaturated (olive, corn oil, they do not contain Omega-3) – neutral. In these oils to fry well and preserve, they do not form kontserogennye matter.

PUFAs contain Omega-3 (linolenic acid) and Omega-6 (linoleic acid). These acids are our body does not produce benefits of peanut butter to treat disease. His nose buried in a chronic runny nose, taking cough, cold. Ancient highly prized olive oil, but olive oil made on the nut butter. In some Walnut oil countries was valued at a premium. Peanut butter was given even very young children, pregnant women have used it. How many times have we heard about the wrong metabolism as a cause of ill health.

But many incorrect metabolism. If you do not defend against free radicals, the "enemy" attacked in the protective cell membrane, then into the nucleus. Destroyed some cells, it is fraught with a new formation or cell death that antineoplastic. In a healthy body balanced all the body functions. In ancient times, say – hard body (stomach, liver) – this meant the patient body. Peanut butter restores the cell membrane, dissolves cholesterol plaques, the bodies are elastic and healthy. To date, the highest death rate in the world of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Consultation on European cardiologists said that when cardiovascular diseases, walnut oil is indispensable. Walnut oil contains about 80 mineral trace elements, including "elements of youth" – vitamin E and selenium. It is recognized as the best means of extending bodies. Regular use of oil will solve this problem. Herculean oil – pumpkin-nut oil. Pumpkin seed oil contains 53 mineral elements. It is useful for the prevention of BPH, prostatitis, women's diseases, antiparasitic. Treats gastrointestinal tract, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system, psoriasis, it is useful for pregnant women All medical drugs taken on an empty stomach in the morning, well absorbed by the body. It is therefore useful to take oil or Walnut oil Bogatyrskaya on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating a tablespoon. But the undoubted benefits it will bring and when added to salads, cereal. Walnut oil and Heroic brand "Food Heroes" is produced by exclusive technology. Used for the manufacture of kernels, without peel, nuts are moving hand (the quality of the raw materials determines the quality of oil, good butter not bitter), using cold presovanie, the output of oil is not heated, and retains all the nutrients.