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A Relaxing Holiday On Lake Garda

5 April, 2017 (15:34) | General | By:

A true paradise for the holidays, all year round Lake Garda is a small region of the North of Italy, but every year by thousands and thousands of travelers from all over Europe, and sometimes even further. Many are the attractions for those to which this region visit many treasures of cultural heritage: magnificent castles, charming little churches, remarkable museums, elegant buildings and theatres. Landscapes of great beauty and diversity: the majestic Alps in the North, the Monte Baldo, the morainic hills in the South, and the various small islands that are scattered around the Lake. There are a lot of festivals, large and small, around the Lake about every month. Most of them to the traditional celebrations of the various towns (for example the Sant Anna fireworks in Malcesine For the patronal feast of the Saints Benigno and Saint Caro) are related, while others are from the people (such as the various beach parties organized entertained many of the town around the Lake during the whole Summer). Most these attractions offer also the possibility, taste some traditional dishes or enjoy one of the most famous Italian products in the world, the wine. While this not only tolerated events, tourists, they are greeted with the warmth and friendliness typical of all Italians. It is a good idea to plan your holiday, if you can use one of the many events in the calendar every year.

Many airlines landing on one of the three airports in the Lake Garda area. (The closest to the sea) for Verona and Bergamo are the two largest (also in the past know the selected airport, to the most low-cost airlines). The other airport is Brescia. This last is very close to the Lake, but only a few flights land on this airport. If you have to make the choice of the destination airport, you must consider also the money you need to get to your destination in addition to the price of the ticket. The airport of Bergamo is much further away from the Lake Garda, in comparison to the Verona Airport, or the airport in Brescia.