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10 Social Networks Of Gastronomy

11 December, 2017 (10:18) | General | By:

Then let’s take a look at a group of social networks that bind to two great passions of many people, network and good food. To those already known Yumit and BakeSpace are joining a not inconsiderable number of social networks and virtual communities, focusing on gastronomy and the wine world, interesting, and almost indispensable references for every good geek fond of good food. We will begin our gastronomic route by France, a country which I love and which has a fascinating cuisine. For lovers of la cuisine francaise have Cookshow, a social network in which, in addition to test our knowledge in English, or French language we can access plenty of recipes to videos with step-by-step preparation, tricks and discussion groups. There is no excuse for not preparing the Tartiflette or sauerkraut. All good food must be accompanied by a good wine, and what better way to find it, or recommend one, than through the internet?. To know more of wines we find several social networks (network marketing) specialized Let us enjoy the gifts of the God Bacchus. YVinos and Uvinum are two social networks in Spanish in which can interact with other users, participate in discussion forums or consult the wine guide prepared by the users (best wines, consult vintages, wine cellars, etc.).

In addition, we will have the possibility to buy on-line, in the case of Uvinum, or participate in tastings, in the case of Yvinos. Following the path of the wine, and almost emulating the protagonists of sideways, we stop in another virtual vineyard. In this case, we will take a bottle of importation of Crushnet, another social network dedicated to the wine which, in addition to sharing information about wineries, can learn aspects related to the elaboration of wines. In addition, there is a project of Enowiki in which knowledge sharing and creating an online encyclopedia about the world of Oenology. After these three bottles of wine to taste, we must continue our gastronomic tour, so we will proceed with something simple, by the principle. Cooklet is the social network ideal for learning to cook. It is a virtual community of users that share recipes (e.g.

the recipe for lamb barbecue), in which users around the world can make their contributions: indicating ingredients, modes of preparation, etc. If any of the recipes is interesting, and we want to keep it, will only have to drag it with the mouse to our book virtual kitchen, to keep it stored in our profile. After exceeding the level of beginner in the kitchen, touch us raising the bar and throw us with much more elaborate recipes. To continue sharing recipes and acquiring new knowledge can count on BigOven, Food Pals or We Eatt, three in English and in Spanish, Although, I would be me with something much more multimedia, as it is the case of capital, in which we can find, in addition to traditional recipes, forums, shop, etc, a video-recetario to see on our computer recipes that they have shared (and filmed) users. And after this stop, we reach the end of our gastronomic route. I hope that these references are useful. Good food and gastronomy are something to enjoy, and if it is in good company, better than better.